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For those people who are really interested in the secret arts of healing, Dennis offers a healing course for each person for $1200 per day, 5 days per week at $6000 a week for 6 weeks, totaling $36,000.

This is open to up to 2 people per course, and we will provide 2 teachers, Dennis and his 35 year protégé for the 6 weeks.

If you’re truly interested, please call us for more information as to this life changing opportunity, whenever you feel so moved.

*Information is with no obligation. Dennis has been teaching this course for decades.

Contact Jessica Adams at
(530) 953-8282

Learn How Easy It Is To Truly Alter Your Life On This Amazing Adventure Into The Dsiscovery Of Yourself!

In the world of limitless techniques how does one know what to choose? What is right for me, and how do I know? ALL PATHS LEAD TO YOU, YOU ARE THE TRUTH WHICH YOU SEEK, YOU ARE THE TEACHER YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR...These simple teachings are the main understanding by which spiritual teacher, Dennis Adams, lives his life and shares within the Divine knowing.

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World-renowned healer, teacher, and western Master

Dennis is one of the most talked about spiritual and physical healers of our time. In 1983, he gained his healing credentials when he collaborated on an experimental project with Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. Olga Worral, proving under controlled laboratory conditions that matter (Salmonella bacteria) is mutable and can be changed with the power of the mind. This research was published in the March, 1983 edition of the PSI Research Journal. Dennis has also appeared on NBC's syndicated television show "The Other Side" as an alternative healer applying his healing techniques with two individuals and achieving miraculous results...

DAS services

  • including private healing consultations, telephone consultations, spiritual seminars, personal growth and self mastery workshops, ministerial services, Mt. Shasta retreats, and video & audio tapes - tools for expanding your consciousness!

Dennis Adams Radio Broadcast

The broadcast was be heard live in Seattle on 106.9 FM-HD3 or on the internet at Dennis was interviewed by Suzane Northrop and you can download the recorded broadcast now.

Steps to Divinity DVD

Dennis Adams Steps To Divinity DVD cover This video was filmed at one of the power points surrounding Mt. Shasta using the elements of nature to give you a truly exceptional experience.

Join me, Dennis Adams, on this adventure into the discovery of yourself.

Take Me There!

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Dennis Adams

“After a healing with Dennis, I recognized his techniques as an ancient healing process which was given to man directly from God.”
Yogi Bhajan

“Dennis is probably the finest healer since the time of Jesus.”
Olga Worral, Ph.D.

“Dennis’s ability to perceive problems and eliminate them makes him one of the finest healers of our time.”
Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Ph.D.

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